Poetic Technology is about inspiring new forms of inhabiting technology with our humanity and inventing new forms of storytelling engaging our imaginative collaboration.

Wojtek Szumowski

EVP of Poetic Technology at CP+B Room for More possibilities. 






I am interested in experimenting with transitions between the virtual and the physical as new storytelling space engaging our imaginative collaboration.

The most interesting thing about the digital and real spaces is the people.

My process is about asking "what if?", investigating, imagining and even dreaming in order to encourage thinking about the kind of world we would like to live in - hopefully, one that is true to the complex, troubled people we are, rather than the easily satisfied consumers and "optimal users" we are supposed to be.





Azury Lin

Invention Designer at CP+B Room for More Possibilities. 

Alexia Mathieu

Invention Strategist CP+B Room for More Possibilities. 



Jess Jiyoung Jung

Poetic Technologist at CP+B Room For More Possibilities 



Coming from green little island, Taiwan, now wondering in a story space full of the mix with digital heart and analog body.

Translate our poetic imagination of future into tangible objects, hope that these objects will inflate the space for new playful behaviors. We love the world with more serendipity because that is what brings surprises and unique story to tell.


Strangely landed in Boulder after spending some years in London, Brussels and French Alps.

Believe people behavior's are full of curious stories with which we can invent the future. I investigate our love/hate relationship with technology to imagine another vision of the world we live in. 





Pursuing technology and creativity that can make human talk to other people, objects and spaces much more than now. 

I did making interactive games and connected devices and sought for possibilities of a playful communication in NYU ITP. From those project experiences, I am captivated by a beauty of computation and a promise of networked interaction. Believe that my skills reached from design to programming works to re-define “advertising” at CP+B Room for More Possibilities.


....And a lot of friendly robots to help us make room for more possibilities.